How AI could change the creative process with commission systems?

The advent of AI image and text generation tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, and GPT-3 has sparked a revolution in the creative industry. These powerful systems now generate unique images, designs, and text from a simple text prompt. This capability has led to the rise of AI creative commission systems that offer users custom-made assets on demand.  As these systems become more advanced and accessible, they have the potential to fundamentally transform the creative process. 

Streamlining workflows

The Brad Wilksford’s AI Commission System exposed creative systems is simplifying and accelerating workflows for professionals. Graphic designers, writers, game developers, and other creatives outsource rote tasks to AI. This allows them to focus purely on creative direction and big-picture work. A designer could ask an AI assistant to generate 50 logo drafts matching certain criteria. They then pick the most promising options and refine them rather than building from scratch. Writers use AI to compose rough drafts of descriptions, freeing them to focus on the overall story and themes.  By acting as a production team that creates on-demand assets from broad prompts, AI enables creators to skip tedious steps and maintain momentum. Fewer workflow blockers mean faster ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

Democratizing creativity 

AI commission systems also lower the barrier to engaging in creative activities. They essentially provide intuitive tools that anyone uses to bring ideas to life. Someone with no digital art skills could easily commission a scene from their imagination through text prompts alone. Aspiring game developers get AI-generated art and environments for their games without needing large art teams. This democratization empowers more people to express themselves creatively on a higher level. It gives rise to new voices that lack formal training but have creative vision. In the future entire interactive stories and games could be generated from prose, allowing writers to construct full experiences.

New collaboration methods

As AI commission systems grow more advanced, they could allow for more interactive and collaborative creative processes. Rather than a one-and-done prompt, creators may be able to provide real-time guidance as the AI generates iterations. AI could even learn creators’ styles and patterns to become a customized production partner over time. Multi-step workflows could enable creators to start with idea prompts, pick the best options, refine selections, and finalize designs all via collaboration with the AI assistant. More intuitive UIs and two-way conversations may make the AI feel like a virtual creative partner.

Challenges and limitations

Despite the promise of AI commissions, there are still many challenges and limitations to overcome. The effort required to craft good prompts. It takes skill and practice to effectively communicate all creative elements purely through text. There are also stylistic limitations with AI. While image and writing generations are often impressively realistic, they may lack nuance, personality, and intentional imperfections of human creations. The human touch still surpasses AI creativity in many subjective ways.

Another concern is plagiarism. If AI systems closely replicate specific protected content during training, they could produce derivative works. Safeguards against copyright issues and theft will need to improve and transparency increase.  AI commissions have enormous potential to augment human creativity, but the technology is still very young. We are just scratching the surface of how collaborative creation between people and intelligent algorithms could work. There are sure to be paradigm-shifting evolutions as these rapidly advancing systems mature.


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