A Guide on How To Prepare For PSLE Oral Exams

The PSLE Chinese oral exam accounts for 25% of your total Chinese test score. That is a significant proportion! As a result, knowing what to expect might help you better prepare. Aside from hiring a Chinese tutor, there are plenty of ways for you to prepare at home. That’s where our PSLE Chinese oral guide for children in Primary 5 and 6 comes in.

What’s new in the PSLE Chinese oral examination?

Now that you’re in Primary 5 or 6, you won’t be assessed on image descriptions like you used to in Primary 3 and 4.

Instead, you now have a new component known as the e-oral, which is divided into two parts: the Reading Aloud piece, which is worth 20 points, and the Video Conversation section, which is worth 30 points.

The fundamentals of the Reading Aloud segment remain unchanged. The new e-oral style, however, demands you to view a video and answer at least three related questions for the Video Conversation component.

Is the new PSLE Chinese oral exam less complicated?

Well, the answer depends on your degree of Chinese ability and how well-exposed you usually are.

The video chat section is more difficult for most Primary 5 and 6 pupils than the passage reading section. This is because e-oral questions are more open-ended, requiring you to have a wide variety of Chinese vocabulary to express your opinions freely.

So, how can you improve your PSLE oral Chinese preparation?

Because the films you’ll see during the tests typically have a subject, it’ll help if you can familiarise yourself with frequent conversational themes and study the necessary terminology in Chinese ahead of time.

Here is a collection of oral discussion themes for Primary 5 oral practice or PSLE practice:

  1. Being of assistance. For example, aiding the poor, the aged, and so forth.
  2. How you assist at home. For instance, doing housekeeping or assisting your siblings.
  3. Maintaining a clean atmosphere. Reduce, repurpose, and recycle.
  4. Maintaining a healthy way of life. Exercise and good eating are two examples.
  5. Discuss your interests.
  6. Road safety.
  7. Tell us about your favourite destination, cuisine, hobby, etc.

What can you anticipate from the PSLE Chinese oral exam?

You have 10 minutes on the day of your Chinese e-oral test to prepare for the reading aloud and video discussion components.

You can read the passage and view the video again once you enter the examination room. The main oral exam then begins.

First, you will be required to read a Chinese-spoken piece. Then, you must answer three questions on the video you just saw.

Question No. 1: This question directly relates to what you saw in the video.

Question #2: This question will be about your thoughts on a topic linked to the video’s subject.

Question #3: For this question, you must offer an experience that goes beyond the video’s topic.

Your examiners will next give you one or two more leading questions during the test based on your responses. When this happens, don’t freak out. It’s all part of the conversation’s interactivity.

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